Why do we need a women in tech network?

Official figures show that 17% of all tech jobs in the UK are held by women (source,  @ladygeek) . ‘Jobs in technology‘ is a broad category, and unofficial estimates of the proportion of women in the most technical roles are lower. For example, Tracy Chou’s survey of software engineers in US companies, while biased towards young, web-based startups, puts the figure closer to 12%. Yet diverse teams have been shown to outperform those which don’t exhibit diversity.

We believe that a network to support Cambridge’s women in technology will help overcome some of the hurdles that women face in the workplace by

  • fostering informal peer networks
  • creating a friendly space to learn about technology
  • cultivating mentoring relationships
  • promoting inspiring senior role models
  • boosting confidence during pregnancy, maternity leave and return to work

Our goal is to run talks and workshops. Talks will focus on showcasing women in and around Cambridge who work in technical roles. Workshops will be aimed at those wanting to learn about different aspects of technology. Talks are open to all, but for men interested in workshops please get in touch via meetup or twitter first.

We understand that women often have childcare responsibilities that prevent them from attending events. We can’t always organise our events at family friendly times, but children and babies are welcome, unless otherwise specified.

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